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Pure Water Window Cleaning Ltd has been operating in Ireland since 1999. For 17 years we used traditional window cleaning methods that most would be familiar with (ladder, bucket & squeegee, etc).

In 2016 we transitioned over to the water fed pole method of cleaning windows and haven’t looked back since. The end results are as good if not better than the traditional methods (which we still use on occasion).

The benefits of using a water fed pole system include more privacy for the customer, less disturbance and improved safety (no ladders needed for the most part) and the quality of the job speak for themselves.

As a professional window cleaning company we provide a high quality, trustworthy service for mainly residential customers in the Dublin and Wexford area, but we also cater for a number of commercial customers as well and are happy to give a quote for all types of residential properties and commercial properties such as shops, restaurants, public houses, showrooms, and offices up to 3 storeys high.

We are fully insured and are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction.

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