Affordable Window Cleaning Service in Ballycanew

As a professional window cleaning company Pure Water Window Cleaning Ltd have established a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy window cleaning service for customers in Ballycanew.

We generally serve customers on a 6 weekly or 12 weekly schedule. This will ensure that your windows will stay clean throughout the year, depending on weather conditions beyond our control.

If you have a home or business located in Ballycanew or the surrounding area and would like your windows cleaned on a regular basis, please give us a call to arrange a free quote.

Many of our customers in Ballycanew have been with us for a number of years, which reflects on the quality of service we provide. Customer satisfaction is our main priority and we always welcome new enquiries as we continue to expand our business.

We cater mainly for residential customers in Ballycanew but we can also provide a commercial window cleaning service for local shop and business owners if required.

Our method of  window cleaning

We use a high reach water fed pole system and pure de-ionised water for cleaning windows. This process will leave your windows spotless every time they are cleaned.

This is now the preferred method of window cleaning for professional window cleaners. The equipment we use consists of a lightweight extendable pole that feeds purified water pumped through a brush head with soft bristles that is perfect for removing dirt and smears on the window glass.

When cleaning with pure water with no added chemicals, this means that your windows will stay cleaner for longer under normal conditions. This is because there is no soap residue left on the glass that will gradually attract dirt particles quicker when compared to cleaning with de-ionised water. It is also more environmentally friendly.

After your windows are cleaned the pure water can simply be left to dry naturally, providing a perfect clean without leaving any water stains, unlike traditional cleaning where chemical additives are often used.

wfp window cleaning
Extendable pole
Skylight window cleaning

10 Benefits of using the water fed pole cleaning system

1.  The high reach pole means more privacy for the customers on upstairs windows.
2.  Our method of cleaning is quieter then using ladders, so less disturbance.
3.  Working from the ground is safer for the window cleaner and less risk of damage to customer’s property.
4.  The window glass stays clean for longer.
5.  The process of cleaning tends to be quicker than traditional cleaning.
6.  The use of pure water means a more environmentally friendly clean.
7.  Less frequent cleaning needed, so savings for the customer.
8.  The window frames and sills are also cleaned when the window panes are cleaned.
9.  No ladder marks left on the lawns or flower borders.
10. Hard to reach over conservatory windows easily cleaned with our water fed extendable pole.

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