Finding a window cleaner in South Dublin

Window cleaning in South Dublin

South Dublin window cleaners

Are you looking for a window cleaner in South Dublin?

If you live in South Dublin then as a homeowner you probably want to keep your house looking clean and in good condition all year round, on the outside as well as the inside. The windows are no exception. We all like to have clean windows so that daylight can enter unobstructed by dirty window panes. Dust and grime can build up quickly on glazed windows, not only through the Winter but all year round. This is the primary reason why most householders like to employ a professional window cleaner to tackle the job on a regular basis.

Some people feel that they can clean their own windows. However, this involves a certain amount of risk, especially when tackling the upstairs windows. Many professional window cleaners now use a water fed pole system, which has a number of advantages over the traditional method of cleaning using a mop, squeegee, bucket and ladders. Being able to reach windows above a conservatory, or in a narrow alley, or on a pitched roof are much easier to accomplish using a water fed pole system. This type of cleaning equipment uses a long reach telescopic pole that has a brush attached to the end and water is applied through the brush head using a pump that feeds the water up the pole through the brush head and onto the window pane.

There are other advantages too. There is more privacy for the occupants. No more embarrassing moments when the window cleaner unexpectedly appears at the bedroom window from the top of his ladders. Ladders make more noise and you can often hear the window cleaner coming, but when you're listening to music, or perhaps hard of hearing, this may not always be the case.

The water that a window cleaner uses with the water fed pole system is also pure water that has been de-ionised through a filtration system. This means that no chemicals are used in the water and it's more environmentally friendly. It can also keep the windows cleaner for longer, as dirt takes longer to build up on windows with no detergent applied to them.

So if you are a homeowner and you are keen to find a professional window cleaner in South Dublin who is friendly, reliable, and most of all, trustworthy, then you should look for a company who provides a professional service, using the latest window cleaning methods, and at a competitive price.

We like to think we tick all the boxes.

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Areas we cover in South Dublin

Window cleaning in South Dublin
South Dublin window cleaner

New window cleaner joins the team

New window cleaner joins the team

Pure Water Window Cleaning is delighted to welcome Archie to the team! Keep your eye out for him in future and spread the word with family, friends and neighbours that we’re growing and ready to provide continued customer satisfaction to our ever expanding customer base.

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You can expect the same level of customer service from us going forward and we’re always happy to hear any feedback.

Thanks so much for your continued support during the pandemic and for helping us to grow our family run business during these challenging times.

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Window cleaning in Dublin

Window cleaning in Dublin

Pure Water Window Cleaning Ltd is pleased to announce that we now provide a professional window cleaning service in Dublin and the surrounding areas South of Dublin.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority which means you can be sure of a first class service at all times, and we are fully insured.

We have a window cleaning service in Knocklyon, as well as Citywest and other parts of Dublin. See a list of the areas we cover for more details.

Our water fed pole cleaning system is great for getting the best results. This is the quickest and most efficient way to clean windows today. See our video below.

For a reliable and trustworthy service give us a call today to book your window clean in for a regular clean every 6 or 12 weeks.

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We are expanding our window cleaning services

We are expanding our window cleaning services

Pure Water Window Cleaning Ltd are now expanding into new areas throughout Wexford and the Southern region of Dublin. We are taking on new residential customer who reside in the following locations in Dublin...

Ballinteer, Ballyboden, Bellgard Heights, Citywest, Firhouse, Kingswood Heights, Knocklyon, Rathfarnham, Scholarstown Wood, Tallaght and Willbrook.

As a professional window cleaning company we use the latest high reach water fed pole window cleaning equipment. This type of system uses pure water for cleaning dirt and removing stubborn residue from your window panes. It is an environmentally friendly way to clean windows and has other benefits too.

See 10 Benefits of Using the Water Fed Pole System

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