Ten benefits of using pure water and a water fed pole for window cleaning.

1. Window cleaning with pure water and the water fed pole system can be quicker than using a mop, squeegee, bucket of water and ladders for climbing up and down to clean upstairs windows.

2. With upvc windows the window frames and sills are also cleaned at the same time the window panes are cleaned to keep everything looking clean

3. A high reach telescopic pole is used to clean upstairs windows and this means more privacy for the customer

4. The water fed pole makes it easier to clean windows that are normally hard to reach such as windows positioned above conservatories

5. The use of de-ionised pure water makes it much more environmentally friendly because it contains no added chemicals.

6. The pure water used for cleaning is carried in our van and pumped through the water fed pole telescopic pole, which means we don't need to use ladders, which mean safer operating conditions for the window cleaner.

7. The use of a water fed pole also means less risk of damage to the customer's property such as dents or scuffed window frames and ladder marks on lawns or flower beds

8. Our method of cleaning using the water fed pole system is quieter then using ladders, so there is less disturbance to the customer.

9. By using pure water for cleaning the window glass usually stays cleaner for a longer period of time because there is no residue from chemicals which can attract dirt particles.

10. Using pure water for cleaning means there are no streaks left on the glass and it is left to dry to a sparkling clean finish.

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