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If you’re searching online to find the best window cleaning service in County Wexford or South Dublin how can you decide which is the best window cleaning service for you?

For many householders, especially those on a tight budget, the price might be the top priority, but there are other things you might want to consider before choosing the best window cleaner for the job. When comparing window cleaning services you will often find that the fees they charge vary quite a bit, but the quality and range of services they offer can also vary too.

Traditionally, window cleaners always used a squeegee, mop, bucket and ladders, but many window cleaning companies have now changed over to the water fed pole system for cleaning windows. The water fed pole system uses de-ionised pure water to clean windows. This has a number of advantages over traditional window cleaning methods including more privacy for the customer, less disturbance, plus safer cleaning for the window cleaner.

The water fed pole system also has the advantage of reaching windows that are very difficult to reach using ladders, a squeegee, mop and bucket. Windows above conservatories for example and skylight windows on the roof, or where space for setting up ladders is very restricted.


traditional vs water fed pole

Reliability and trustworthiness are also a big factor in the mind of a customer when choosing a window cleaner and because they will be entering your property and providing a regular service it’s important to find one that fits this criteria. Before employing their services there are a few things you can do before deciding which one to choose. By asking some simple questions you can usually get a good idea if the company you are speaking with offer a professional and reliable service. Some of these questions are outlined below

1. How long have they been in business?

A window cleaning company that has just started in business may lack the experience required to provide good consistent results. However, they may have worked as a window cleaner for another firm before starting out on their own, so you should take this into consideration.

2. Is the window cleaning company insured?

A professional window cleaner who runs their business properly will always take out insurance to cover them and any claim made by their customer for damages or injury. If they confirm that they have insurance you can ask them to show you their insurance certificate to confirm this.

3. Are they considerate and safety conscious?

Will they take care when entering the rear of your property or working around your garden borders and lawns? Do they use a water fed pole system which is less likely to cause scuff marks on window frames and sills, or marks on the lawn which can sometimes be caused when ladders are used. The water fed pole system is used from ground level so safety is far greater when using this type of cleaning method.

4. Will they provide a regular and reliable service?

Operating a window cleaning service means that sometimes windows cannot be cleaned under certain weather conditions, but a company which uses the water fed pole system can usually work in the rain or windy conditions, but obviously in adverse stormy or icy weather conditions this may become too difficult. It’s worth asking the window cleaner what their procedure is in these type of situations. Will they come the following day? Or will they come the same week? Or will they simply miss the clean until next time due? This will give you some idea of how regular and reliable they can be.

5. Was the window cleaner recommended by a friend or neighbour?

A highly favourable recommendation from a reliable source such as a neighbour is definitely a big advantage when choosing a window cleaner, especially if your neighbour has used them for a good while and has got to know them. You can find out a lot about the company just by asking other customers the right questions and getting good feedback. Does the company have positive reviews on social media platforms? This can be a good indicator as to whether others would recommend using their services.

6. Does the window cleaning company operate a professional service?

Do they use quality window cleaning equipment? Do they turn up in a battered old van or car, or do they run a modern vehicle that is professionally sign written with their name and contact details? Are they uniformed? Do they have a website? Are they polite and friendly with existing customers?

Even after you employ the window cleaner its good get to know them to satisfy yourself that you have made the right choice.

A professional window cleaning business will conform to all the positive points in this article, so you can be well prepared before you make the right choice when choosing a window cleaner that is right for you.

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