Affordable Window cleaning prices in Dublin

Wondering what the price of window cleaning services are these days?

Well, in the UK and Ireland it can vary quite a bit from area to area. So the only guaranteed way to get an accurate idea of prices and a quotation for your own home is to make a shortlist of the window cleaning services in your area and call them to ask for a price. They will either give you an estimate based on the amount of windows and doors you want cleaning, or a definite quote if they are familiar with the type of houses in your location.

As an example, window cleaning prices in Dublin can vary from around 3 euros per window up to 7 euros per window, depending on the type of house, the location, and the company price list with reference to how much their standard charges are. But often this is just a guide. Usually, the more windows that need cleaned, the lower the cost per window when working out the price. Discounts are sometimes given on properties with more than say 12 windows, because cleaning one house with 12 windows is quicker than having to clean two houses with 6 similar windows, mainly because there is no travelling time and setting up equipment to take into consideration. Unless they are both situated close together.

The size of the windows and the type of windows also has to be considered. Large windows obviously take more time to clean than small windows. Georgian windows are also much more time consuming to clean because of their individual small panes, unless the bars are positioned between the glass as with some modern designs.

In very large properties where counting every window to give an accurate estimate might be difficult or too time consuming, the window cleaner might prefer to charge an hourly rate for the first clean, and then perhaps stick with the hourly rate or a set price once they know how long the job will take. First cleans however can often take longer than subsequent cleans due to the build up of dirt and grease if they haven’t been cleaned for a while. In some cases it can double the time to clean very dirty windows on a first clean.

Another factor that comes into the equation when pricing a regular window clean is the frequency of how often you require your windows to be cleaned. Generally this can vary between a monthly clean, a bi-monthly clean, or in some cases, every 12 weeks. This usually depends on where the property is located. If the window cleaner has to travel a fair distance it may be more convenient for them to be cleaned every 8 or 12 weeks to fit in with their schedule. And of course their travelling time needs to be calculated and taken into consideration when quoting a price to the customer.

While the type of building, style of windows and location all have to be taken into account when pricing up a window cleaning job, there are also other factors that window cleaning companies may have to consider when providing a final quotation. These are the overheads that the company has to cover. Expenses such as the cost of purchasing or replacing equipment, the maintenance cost of their vehicle(s), staff wages if they employ other people, as well as insurance and advertising costs, and other administrative services.

So as you can see, running a professional window cleaning service is just like any other business, it needs careful attention to running costs and appropriate pricing to cover all the expenses and income required to run the business efficiently.

From the customers point of view, pricing is a major consideration. But the reliability of the service and choosing a window cleaner who is considerate, friendly and trustworthy should also be high on your list of priorities when choosing the best one for you.

At Pure Water Window Cleaning we like to think that we meet all of those qualities.

Our window cleaning price guide can be found on our pricing page. So if you’re looking for a window cleaner in Dublin and need a free quote then you can call us on the number below and we will be happy to give you a quotation and free friendly advice.

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