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Pure Water Window Cleaning Ltd uses the latest water fed pole cleaning technology to provide our customers with the best cleaning results possible. You can learn more about this method of cleaning and its numerous benefits below.

With the many regular and satisfied customers we serve, our company is built on a strong foundation of providing an excellent service and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

We cater mainly for residential customers in Dublin and Wexford, and all surrounding towns and villages. However, we also provide commercial window cleaning for local shop and restaurant owners in these areas if required.

Window cleaning with the water fed pole system

Our preferred method of cleaning is using the water fed pole window cleaning system. The equipment we use for this consists of an extendable pole and brush head through which is pumped deionised water, which is practically 100% pure water with no contaminants. This means that the combination of brush bristles and pure cleaning water will give you the best clean possible, with no detergents that can leave smear marks marks on your windows.

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Benefits of the water fed pole window cleaning system

Apart from being more environmentally friendly, other benefits of cleaning windows with a high reach water fed pole include extra privacy. The extendable pole means we can clean your bedroom windows from ground level. It is also much safer than using ladders, with less risk of damage to sills, fascias, guttering and porch roof tiles.

It also means we can clean your window frames and sills at the same time as cleaning the windows.

Difficult to reach windows, such as those above a conservatory or in narrow confined spaces where the use of ladders can be risky, are also easier to clean with the extendable water fed pole.


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